Stepdad and Mother-Daughter (2021)

Stepdad and Mother-Daughter

Seo-ra, an elegant woman from Louisiana, U.S., marries businessman Kyeong-han who does anything to make money. Kyeong-hwan was in a relationship with Mi-yeon, who was a bar madam, but after his marriage to Seo-ra, he tells Mi-yeon that he will now live as an elegant businessman. For Kyeong-hwan, however, there was a problem of sexual desire and madness when he saw clothes with no underwear in sight. One day, Seo-ra's biological daughter Yoo-na, appeared at Kyeong-hwan's newlywed house in a short skirt.

Release: Sep 24, 2021

Duration: 1h 5m

Genres: Romance

Actors: Min Do-yoon, Ye Seul, Yoon Yool, Yeon Joo, Shin Yeon-ho

Director: Lee Han-II

IMDb: 7